What you need

  • an Android device already running WhatsApp
  • an iPhone Whatsapp DB (ChatStorage.sqlite)


Get this file from your iPhone:


You can use an Iphone Backup Tool to get the file, e.g. iPhone Backup Extractor (free, Mac-only) (tutorial here) or Iphone Backup Extractor or iphonebackupexplorer or I-Twin or DiskAid. Make sure to create an unencrypted backup with iTunes, as these tools can't handle encrypted backups. 

itunes unencrypted backup


How to install

Get it on Google Play

How to import your images too

If you want to import your images too you need to extract your Media folder from your iPhone WhatsApp backup

iPhone backup files

You need to get this situation on your Android device if you want images to be imported: just copy the


folder from your iPhone WhatsApp folder to the WhatsAppMigrator one (just create it if it doesn't exist yet, as it's automatically created by WhatsAppMigrator first run).

Android folders situation

What you get

WhatsAppMigrator will merge your old iPhone WhatsApp archive with your new Android WhatsApp archive so that you can retain your whole history.

WhatsAppMigrator Android app WhatsAppMigrator features

ChatStorage ask to find ChatStorage found

msgstore ask to findmsgstore choosemsgstore found

whatsappmigrator runningwhatsappmigrator conversion completedwhatsappmigrator moving merged archive

whatsappmigrator settings WhatsAppMigrator settings - Second part

IMPORTANT: after conversion is completed make sure to uninstall and install again WhatsApp, as that's the only way WhatsApp will restore the new messages


FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

Android WhatsApp archive is not found
WhatsApp automatically performs a backup each night at 4AM. You can explicitly ask for a backup from your WhatsApp like this:
WhatsApp explicit backup - Step 1 WhatsApp explicit backup - Step 2
How the conversion works and why reinstalling WhatsApp after conversion
WhatsAppMigrator merges your old iPhone WhatsApp Archive (Chatstorage.sqlite) with your new Android WhatsApp archive (msgstore.db.crypt5 or msgstore.db.crypt). In order to do so it needs to decrypt the Android archive, then work its magic to merge the old archive with the new one. Messages are split in chunks of 2500 messages each in order to avoid overloading your phone and convert them a piece at the time. Please note that WhatsApp restores messages on first run only, thus forcing the user to "trick" him by reinstalling WhatsApp.
Why do I need to reinstall WhatsApp after conversion is completed
WhatsApp restores messages on first run only, thus forcing the user to "trick" him so that the new merged archive is restored after a new installation.
I'm concerned about my privacy. How can I be sure you can't access my messages?
WhatsAppMigrator can't access the Internet therefore can't send out any of your data. You can be sure of this when installing the app: only the permission to read your SD card and the logs are requested, so WhatsAppMigrator absolutely can't reach the Internet
I want to revert back to my old WhatsApp archive
WhatsAppMigrator performs a backup of each file it will work on, plus it has a handy "Revert WhatsApp" feature that reverts back the situation as it were before using it. 
Something else that's not covered in here
WhatsAppMigrator has a built-in function that automatically compose a new mail for you in case something goes wrong so that you can send me the error logs and let me fix it. Plus a "Contact me" feature to email me directly.